7 The Lesser Known Heavenly Places in India You Never Knew

India is a vast and colorful land with tons of places that we never knew existed. We find ourselves excited about holidays and travel, but also end up at places which we have visited already. Its time to explore places and create beautiful memories. Below is a list of our favorite unexplored and underrated destinations.

  1. Ponmudi

Located 55 kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram in the Western Ghats, Ponmudi is a hill station unaffected by the wrath of commercialization. It is well connected through road. A must explore, underrated destination, it is known for its mystic and serene views. It is home to a lot of bird species, which can be easily seen around the area.

  1. Koraput

Known for its serene landscapes, freshly grown organic food and warm tribals, Koraput district is a part of the Eastern Ghats and is located in the state of Odisha. It has endless number of waterfalls, picturesquely unreal looking meadows, lush green forests and exotic wildlife. The best time to visit this place is between October and March.

  1. Mawlynnong

Tucked away in the north eastern state of Meghalaya, this village is Asia’s cleanest village. It boasts for its eco-tourism and cent percent literacy rates, and most people here speak English fluently. This place is home to crystal clear lakes, mountains, waterfalls, lush green meadows and extremely warm and hospitable people. It is easily accessible and the nearest airport is in the capital city Shillong.

  • Gokarna
  • A heavenly little town for beach lovers, Gokarna is located in the western coast of India in the southern state of Karnataka. It is famous for its beaches and is a more peaceful version of its counterpart Goa. Other than its exotic beaches, surrounded by rocky cliffs and coconut and palm trees, it also attracts pilgrims. It is home to many temples and the famous Murudeshwara and Mahabaleshwara temples. It is well connected by road and the nearest airports are in Hubli, Goa and Mangalore.

    1. Kappil beach/lake

    Located in Kollam district in Kerala, it truly does justice to the phrase ‘God’s own country’. It is an exotic village near Varkala, Kerala, which is home to the not-so famous Kappil beach and a pristine blue lagoon called Kappil lake right on the opposite side of the beach, separated by a road in between. It is best enjoyed during sunsets and is located just about 6-7 kilometers from Varkala and about 50 kilometers from the nearest airport in Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Lonar Crater Lake
  • Located at Lonar in Buldana district in Maharashtra, the Lonar crate lake is a Nat Geo heritage monument site. It is a saline soda water lake. Geographic experts believe that it was created due to a meteor hitting the earth at a very high velocity around 50,000 years ago. The lake is bright emerald colored and is surrounded by lush green vegetation and Western Ghats.

    1. Muttom Beach

    Located in the fishing village of Muttom in Kanyakumari district of southern Tamilnadu, it is a pristine and spotless looking beach with golden sand and surrounding rocks. It is well connected and is just 18 kilometers from the nearest railway station in Nagercoil and 72 kilometers from the nearest airport in Thiruvananthapuram.

    So next time you are searching for a weekend getaway or a vacation with family, pack your bags and visit these places. And if you know of more such unexplored places, do drop us a comment below or write to us on email.


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