Never Eat These 9 Foods When You Travel

Enjoying local cuisine is something most of us look forward to when we travel to a new place. In fact, local foods store flavors in our memories for ever and we end up recommending those to people. Even though local cuisine should be thoroughly explored in a new city or country, there are certain things we better avoid that have the potential to cause harm and make us sick during the journey. Below is a list of 9 foods we should avoid during travel.

  1. High calorie fast foods

Avoid high calorie fast foods like burgers and fries during travel. They not only add extra fat to the body and make us gain post vacation weight, but also make us feel unnecessarily heavy and full. Also, we indulge in these stuffs even in our city, so why not just go check out locally made fresh food that pleases our taste buds!?

  1. Spicy food

A lot of us crave for spicy food wherever we go and spice is something that makes food exciting. In fact, a hint of chilly flakes takes a dish to a whole new level. However, spicy food can lead to nausea, acidity, gastric and diarrhea and are best to avoid before a flight or a train journey.

  1. Lentils & legumes

Lentils are great for health and provide a major chunk of protein to the body. However, they are known to cause gas and bloating in the gut due to the presence of certain types of sugars in them. However, sprouted lentils and beans are lighter on the stomach.

  1. Fried food

Every region has their special dish which is deep fried and is a must try. However, too much of oily foods can cause bloated stomach and acidity and are best to avoid during a journey. Try looking for baked options instead.

  1. Frozen goodies

Frozen foods like ice creams and popsicles should be avoided especially b people with high eosinophil content and sinusitis. They also have the potential to cause a throat infection because of the probable infected ingredients in them. However, if you must consume, check for hygiene maintenance by the local vendors before digging in.

  1. Berries

Picking berries directly from trees could be poisonous for consumption, therefore it is best to avoid that. They could also be infected by bacteria and viruses. It is best to consume fruits that have a thick outer skin and can be peeled, like oranges, bananas and apples.

  1. Tap water

Tap water should be avoided in most places because you never know how contaminated it is. And if it is contaminated, it could cause diseases jaundice, diarrhea and amoebiasis. In fact, it could be fatal if infected with viruses like leptospirosis.

  1. Ice

Ice should be avoided from local places for the same reason as water. You never know how badly contaminated it is. It could also cause throat infections. The chill from the ice along with exertion can also cause cold, cough and fever.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol can make you sleepy, which is unsafe if you are driving. It is also best to avoid a large amount of alcohol on flights as they can make you airsick. However, if you must, limit yourself to a serving or two at the maximum.

It is better to avoid certain foods for a comfortable and memorable trip. In fact, getting ill in unknown places causes a hassle to find a doctor and medicines. So better take precautions than let something come in the way of enjoyment and lifelong memories!

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