Would You Love Free Accommodation on a Trip? Here is How to Find Them

When you start thinking about the budget for your next trip, three things come in mind: Flight, stay and food. If you save money on these three things, you can spend more on other activities, right?

Well, the cost of food depends on how much you eat and how frequently you eat.  If you want to save on flight tickets, you must consider reading the hacks for flight bookings to save a lot of money. 

In this article, I will be sharing how you can save money on accommodation or how you can get it almost free.

Stay local

Forget about hostels. Yes, there are hostels that constitute the cheapest accommodation. Instead, get yourself a place in the home of local people.

There are many websites such as Couchsurfing, Global Freeloaders, and Hospitality Club, where you can find a place to live in the house of a local people at a much cheaper rate or even free.

And the best thing- you will get to experience their amazing hospitality. You will get to know more about their culture more closely.

Work in exchange for accommodation

Yes, you can work in a particular hotel or hostel in exchange for free accommodation. You can manage their accounts, attend the lobby or if you like you can cook for them.

In exchange for work you like to do, you will be getting a stay for free. If bargained well, you can earn money as well. What else a traveler wants then?

Home swap

This is a new trend over the internet among travelers. You get a completely free accommodation here. How? Well, you just need to swap your home with the people in your travel destination. When they come to your place, they will be using your place.

Great deal, isn’t it? Yes. You can check out LovehomeswapHomeExchange, to find how and where you can swap your home.

Click here to get the list of other websites

Home rentals

If you plan to stay at a single for a longer duration, say a couple of weeks or more, then consider home rental in the destination location is the best idea.

Renting the home for a longer duration will cost you much less. It will be like the rent of your house in your location or even cheaper depending upon the location you are visiting.

You can consider visiting websites like Airbnb and Wimdu to find a home for rent.

Another benefit is that you get full amenities in such homes and have to worry less about the space unlike in a hotel you were considering to stay in.

Stay in Monastery

If you like a peaceful place where you want to end the tiring travel day with complete relaxation then stay in monasteries will be the best option.

Extreme hospitality, very humble monks and nun, simple and refreshing meal cooked by them will be a complete retreat for you.

With not so lavish amenities, you can get a bed and desk in one of the monasteries for a very cheap price or may be free in exchange for a donation of your will.

Check out following websites to find your perfect monastery to stay in

1. Monastery Stays Locations
2. How to Stay in a Monastery
3. 15 great Monastery Stays
4. Monastery Stays Around the World (CNN)

So here was my take on getting almost free accommodation. Don’t forget the hostels. That’s always cheaper to stay. Write your views on the list mentioned above. You are most welcome to share your way of getting cheaper or free accommodation. Write it in the comment section below. Happy Traveling!

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