How to choose the best travel insurance

All geared up for your next trip? Great. Confused about whether to buy travel insurance and how to choose the best travel insurance?
I believe you must have set a sufficient budget for traveling, accommodation, and activities for your next trip. We save for months so that we can have fun and spend some quality time there on our trip. Sometimes we just plan for months of what we are going to do? Which all of the places we will be visiting and many other things, isn’t it? But did you considered having a look at any of the travel insurance policies?

Why would one need travel insurance?

Yes, we are always ever excited about our next trip because we love Travelling. Tada! But what if we are just about to fly there the next day and a natural disaster occurred? What if you lose your baggage, passport and accidentally damaged your iPad? What if you are enjoying a beautiful trek inside the Jungle and got a snake bite? It will certainly be a huge loss and can take away all the fun in that trip. It’s never going to be a fun trip with a thought of having lost your belongings or when you are sick and spending money on your treatment abroad there.

What is travel insurance?

‘Prevention is better than cure’ or ‘Better to be safe than sorry!’ Whatever you call it.
And hence there is travel insurance for us. Good travel insurance can cover medical issues, unexpected natural calamities, lost or damaged luggage and belongings while traveling.

How to choose one?

There are various things to be considered while taking an insurance plan such as:
a. The duration of travel
b. The destination covered
c. The net value of the belongings you are taking to your journey
d. Risk factors and many other things.
Depending upon your travel style and frequency, you can also choose travel insurance plans accordingly.
If you are a frequent traveler and back your bag more than once or twice in your year, then you should consider taking a yearly plan. And if you travel less but want to make sure it is memorable for a lifetime then you must consider taking one trip based insurance.
You should consider looking at the best travel policies here.
Since many of the travel insurance policies are beneficial for us, we must consider reading the terms and conditions of the policy carefully before making any purchase.

What can be excluded and needs to be checked before taking the insurance policy?

There are insurance providers in the market who exclude:
  1. Destinations with a high-risk factor
  2. Sports and activities which involves high risk
  3. Previous illness or bad health condition of the insurance holder, etc.
So now when you aware of how important travel insurance is and how you can go about buying one, there are few other information that you should keep in your mind.
  1. Buy travel insurance as per your requirement whether it is a yearly plan or a single trip
  2. Cheap travel insurance is always not the best one you can get. Better to check the inclusions and exclusions in those policies
  3. Covering expensive gears, your gadgets like laptops and cameras should be considered as you won’t want to lose them.
  4. Check the cancellation policy of the insurance plan you’re buying, just in case you cancel your trip and don’t need anymore.
So to sum this up. We understand how important traveling is for us and we won’t want this affected because of any unexpected factors. Thus depending upon the type of journey we are having we must choose the best travel insurance plan.
Do let us know if you have ever insured yourself and your belongings before you traveled and what were your views on that? You can also highlight the importance and necessity of insurance, for our fellow readers below in the comment box, if we missed any point.

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