How to Save Money for Traveling every year

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta
We should not think about a penny for spending on our love, right? Yes, when we can spend on casual needs then how can we be behind for our most awaited trip. Traveling for sure requires a lot of money. So how can we save for it?
Like other recreational activities, traveling also requires a lot of money. But with proper planning, our next travel destination can be done within a sufficient budget.

What are the important things to consider?



Foremost thing, we should have an approximate estimation of how much our next travel destination can cost to our bank balance. You have to consider the traveling cost, stay and food cost along with others. If planned properly (consider reading travel hack), you can get the basics right here.

Time of the year

During a certain period of time, places can go costly. You can visit Goa, India in January in less than half of the cost that one spends in December. You should have a look at the calendar for such events.
Well, that was one of a hack to spend less when you are traveling. But what you can do to save money to meet that calculated budget?

Saving money the smart way.

Spend less

You cannot neglect this if you want to save a good amount of money. How and where you can save your expenses can be best analyzed by yourself based on your lifestyle.

Eat less outside

You might have to eat in your favorite restaurant less often than you do. If you visit there 5-6 times a month then I suggest, reduce it to just 1 or max 2.

Rent stuff

Consider renting movie CDs instead of buying them. Borrow the book from your friend instead of buying it. You gotta read that only once if it’s a mediocre one.


Everyone loves music. It’s our right to hear the music we love free of charge, right? So why to pay for a monthly subscription. You can install the app to hear it for free. Youtube Music is always free though.


Not only saving money, cancellation of the Netflix subscription can help you other focus on other important work also. Like planning your next trip. You can thank me in the comment section below for that.


I can understand shopping is just another love. I would request to close your eyes and imagine you sitting beside a calm blue water lake and looking at the great beautiful mountain ranges covered with white snow shining in the bright sunlight. And now imagine a beautiful dress that you have planned to buy for the next prom night. I believe the choice for you is clear.

Partying home

Ah! We cannot control the urge to party. Well, that makes us live. But what we need is a good ambiance and a couple of friends for that, right? Visit some friends or invite them home. It can save a huge amount that’s spent on double priced drinks in a bar.
Apart from that, you can consider canceling the Gym membership and doing a home workout. Quit smoking (it can also make you fit for the trek you have always wanted to do), avoid visiting parlor every week (you already look beautiful). Most importantly, consider this a bonus tip,  stay away from people requiring a huge investment . Avoid people whose goals are watching all the movies and partying rather than traveling.
So here are the most basic things one must follow and save enough for the next destination. You can too share your idea on how you saved money to meet your travel goals with our fellow mates. There are many that you can jot down below in the comment box. Remember to plan your trip carefully within the budget and save enough money. Because as we always say, Traveling is love.

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