The Lightest yet Complete Travel Backpack with Essentials

Traveling is great fun, but we get into a fix sometimes, which may happen if we lose something important, or get injured, or even fall sick. There are some essentials that should always be there with us while we travel, no matter how far across we go. They surely come in handy and save us from hard times, and sometimes embarrassments! Check out the list of 10 things below that you must carry.

  1. First aid

This is the first and foremost thing that one should pack. In fact, we should carry a first aid kit with us literally all the time. Carry band aids, cotton, antiseptic talc, and pain relief spray. Also pack important medications for common cold, fever, mild pain killers, nausea and vomiting tablets, antacids, anti-histamines, bronchodilators (for people suffering from breathing problems), etc. Don’t forget to carry your day to day medications as well.

  1. Electronics

Pack in your electronics in a separate chamber. Carry your mobile phone chargers, power banks, camera battery chargers and extra memory cards if you are a photography enthusiast.

For emergencies, carry an extra mobile phone and chargers if possible. It will come handy in case you lose yours.

  1. Multi utility knife

This is a precious little equipment that can come handy from opening a wine bottle to cutting a fruit. It usually comes with a screw driver, a bottle opener, wire cutters, pliers, pincers, etc.

  1. Earplugs and sleep mask

Travelling causes heavy exertion to the body and it is important to get short naps whenever time permits. Carry your earplugs and sleep mask without fail to sneak in short naps into your schedule.

  1. Torch

You never know what you’re getting into, even if you are travelling to a developed nation. Torches come handy no matter where you go. Also carry extra batteries.

  1. Emergency cash

Say you lost your wallet and other important belongings, or haven’t seen the face of an ATM. Emergency cash helps later on, even if not in this trip. Unless and until its extremely urgent, similar to a situation stated above, do not spend the emergency cash. Carry notes in multiple denominations and coins in a separate pouch and tuck it in at the bottom of your luggage or somewhere you wouldn’t want to reach unless you are at the peak of an emergency.

  1. Hair brushes and cosmetics

Though we usually carry hair brushes and cosmetics, they come in large bottles and take up a lot of space. Buy travel size packs for carrying. Also, you never know if you would find soap and other essentials in case you are travelling to a remote area. Mini packs of shampoo and bodywash are hassle free and take up less space.

  1. Tissues, bathroom rolls, and toiletries

Pack in tissues and toiletries in a place easy to reach. Also pack in sanitary napkins without fail even if your periods are not approaching any time in between the travelling dates. Best to carry some than panicking during an emergency.

  1. Clothing essentials

We never forget to carry clothing essentials wherever we go. In fact, these are the first things we pack before a trip. Check the weather conditions of the place you’re traveling to and pack accordingly. Always carry extra undergarments.

  1. Emergency food

In the excitement of trying out new cuisines, we never think of carrying emergency food with us. Carry a little packet of munchies containing dry ready-to-eat food like cookies, nuts and seeds. They also come in handy for fitness freaks who worry about consuming unhealthy.

Make a checklist of essentials and tick away as you go about packing. Try to carry everything in separate sections to avoid confusion. Also, double check your list of medicines.

Do let us know if you think we missed out something important. Feel free to drop a comment below or write to us on email.

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